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Country Pan Sausage, consisting of freshly ground pork seasoned with salt, pepper, sage and various regional spices is the most popular sausage in the USA. It’s also the easiest to make. The only equipment required is a food processor, meat grinder (hand cranked or electric) or just a sharp knife. Another possibility is to purchase freshly ground meats from your butcher. But it’s always best to grind your own meat so that you know exactly how fresh it really is and exactly how much fat it contains.

We have used three of our all-time favorite Breakfast Sausage Recipes to create our Sausage Seasoning Packets. Each Sausage Seasoning comes with complete instructions. Making sausage is so easy and the results so satisfying you’ll want to become a frequent sausage maker in your own kitchen. Best of all, even after just one attempt, your homemade sausage will taste better than most any kind you can buy.

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Regular Country Pan Sausage Seasoning

Made on farms and in butcher shops across the country, this is the traditional American Breakfast Sausage. If you’re making the sausage for patties, simply wrap it in bulk and refrigerate until you are ready to use it. Or stuff the seasoned meat into medium hog casings and tie into 4-inch links. Excellent for fresh or smoked pork, turkey or wild game sausage. Makes 50 pounds.

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Hot Country Pan Sausage Seasoning

Put a little kick in your breakfast. A select blend of seasonings with more pepper than our regular seasoning. Excellent for fresh or smoked pork, turkey, or venison sausage with a spicy bold flavor. Makes 50 pounds.

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More Sage Country Pan Sausage Seasoning

This recipe is a regional variation of the basic American sage-flavored sausage. Ginger gives the sausage a bit more spice than usual and the mix of herbs contributes a lovely aroma. A favorite for pork, turkey or venison sausage, fresh or smoked. Perfect for your holiday sausage stuffing. Makes 50 pounds.

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